11 Dental Resume Samples with Format

Dental Resume Tips

As a dental professional you will appreciate the need for an effective resume that details your strengths, abilities, expertise and clinical skills. It should detail the broad scope of expertise and experience you have gained throughout your career, highlighting specific areas of expertise where relevant.

Your dental resume must be capable of reflecting your professionalism, dedication and excellent interpersonal skills. You must clearly state your proven ability to develop rapport with patients and to put even the most nervous patients at their ease.

Preliminary Requirement :

Dental Resume Template

Contact Information :
  1. Full name
  2. Campus and permanent addresses
  3. Telephone numbers
  4. Email address

Objective : A concise statement that tells the reader about your career goals and/or expresses interest in a specific job or vacancy. Your objective may include:

For example: A position as a dentist where I will be able to fully utilize my professional experience for my patients.

Summary: This should be brief and not more than four or five statements emphasizing on skills and education. State only skills that are relevant to the position applied for. Be sure to support your statements with examples of how you developed your skills. For example

20 years of working in Dental field has enhanced competencies, including all phases of four-handed dentistry. Able to handle a great variety of tasks and responsibilities, simultaneously and effectively. Highly organized, trainable and adjust well to all environments. Possess the ability to create and present an excellent image of the organization and its service to customers

Education : In reverse chronological order, required information includes:
  1. Degree(s) and major
  2. Date of graduation (month and year)
  3. Universities you attended
  4. Location of universities (city and state)
  5. Any certifications or licenses related to your degree
Special Skills : Add this section if you are a bilingual or better, or have any specific work-related skills that are measurable, like computer programming or experience with work-related software. For example:

Dental Skills : Mention all your dental related skills which makes your resume outstanding.

Add Keywords : Use keywords while forming your sentences. In targeting your desired role and place of employment, your dental resume must include detailed information that provides your interviewer an immediate insight into your capabilities.

Examples are as follows:

Sample Dental Resumes

Checkout our sample dental resumes below :
  1. Sample Dental Resume 1

Specific Sample Dental Resume

Checkout our specific sample dental resumes below:

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  2. Dental Manager Resume
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  4. Dental Sales Resume
  5. Dental Student Resume
  6. Entry Level Dental Assistant Resume
  7. Dental Surgeon Resume
  8. Senior Dentist Resume
  9. General Dentist Resume
  10. Dental Specialist Resume

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