Classroom Aide Resume

Classroom aides usually work in a school, day care center, colleges and universities. They assist the teacher teaching in the classroom and perform a range of tasks. Inside the classroom, the these professionals will take attendance; distribute answer sheets, notebooks, collect copies of homework and check them, photocopy notes for the students, etc. Outside the classroom, they will have to supervise the students in the playground, cafeteria or physical training sessions. The teachers may assign many other duties to the classroom aides which they perform diligently.

How to write a Classroom Aide Resume

Classroom aide resume, or teachers assistant resume is a prerequisite for the professionals who are looking for new avenues to work in this profile. A resume will speak volumes once you know what needs to be included to make it informative and supportive for you.

The three basic inclusions for a classroom assistant resume are personal information, professional background and inherent skills. To make matter simple, a sample classroom aide resume is provided herewith to be adopted for writing your own profile document.

Classroom Aide Resume Example

Patrick Williams
12, Roseville Apartments, Hoffman Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 51220
Contact: 715-250-8847

Career Objective:

An experienced candidate with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of practices followed within educational institutes, seeks to work as a classroom aide in a renowned school.

Skills as a Classroom Aide

Work Experience:

Classroom Aide at Holy Hearts School, Jacksonville
December 2013 - present
Job functions and responsibilities:

Classroom Aide at Morgan Vincent Educational Academy, Jacksonville
April 2011 - November 2013
Job functions and responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications


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