Dietary Aide Resume

Good food packed with essential nutrition is necessary to recover from surgery, disease, and restore health compromised due to bad habits. Dietary aides are those professionals who work with licensed dietitians and ensure that required vitamins and nutrition are provided to patients with knowledge of food, their nutritional values, and preparation method. When planning and cooking food, these aides have to see that the meal does not lose its vitamins and minerals due to excess heating, use of oil, or any irrelevant cooking process.

The foremost quality the job needs is your willingness to help other regain health. You should also be good in organizing and managing tasks, and planning diet. Another requirement is good attention to detail and knowledge of health and safety regulations and guidelines. All these features are provided here in the following job application sample.

Dietary Aide Resume Example

Mary P. Skelley
2292 George Street
Cross City, FL 32628
Phone: 352-498-5787

Career Objective

With a deep interest in helping people recover health, and knowledge of planning and implementing diet programs, I want to serve “Lotus Health System,” as a dietary aide and assist dietitians and physicians in providing necessary vitamins to patients.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Dietary Aide
Pearl HealthCare Center, Cross City, FL
July 2014 - Present

Dietary Aide
Garden Medical Center, Cross City, FL
April 2013 - June 2014



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