Instructional Aide Resume

An instructional aide works as an assistant for the instructor and students in a classroom. These professionals help in the development and implementation of instructional modules, grading class tests and homework, provide photocopies of learning material, making reports, administer student behavior, communicating with the parents and other activities that may come as a part of the job.

Applying for a job

Many professionals think they can impress by providing details regarding their past experiences and achievements that are irrelevant to the current job. It doesn't matter if you have been an excellent swimmer or a pianist; for the employer will only consider you for the interview if he/she finds your skills and experience suitable to the job. So make it a ground rule to include only the information that qualifies you as the best candidate. This information is a blend of your work experience and your understanding and capacity to perform the responsibilities of suited for the said position.

A sample instructional aide resume provided below will be beneficial for you.

Instructional Aide Resume Example

Jordan Spencer
6108, Bremen Lane, North Beach
San Francisco, California 41150
Contact: 705-250-9250

Career Objective:

Intend to work as an Instructional aide for a reputed organization on basis of a degree in Instructional planning and thorough working experience in the field.

Skills as an Instructional Aide:

Work Experience:

Instructional Aide at American Education Foundation, San Francisco
Employed since August 2012

Work Responsibilities:

Instructional Aide at Fonda Educational Academy, San Francisco
Employed from April 2009 to July 2012

Work Responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications and Certifications:


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