Laundry Aide Resume

Some common job responsibilities of laundry aides include cleaning the establishment, mopping floors, maintain hygiene, hanging clothes that have been cleaned, removing stains, maintaining stocks of detergent, delivering clothes and any other duties that may be a part of the laundry operations.

Applying for a job

The basic requirement of writing a resume is to communicate with the employer and create a curiosity in his/her mind to approach you for further interaction.

A laundry aide resume must necessarily cover the personal information, professional and soft skills along with details of previous work experience including the name of the organization worked for and the period of service. Employers would like to read your profile document if it looks attractive and professional. Use a visible font and language that can be understood easily.

A sample laundry aide resume is provided for further reference.

Laundry Aide Resume Example

Brian Lopez
3165, Dale Lane, Waller Avenue
Austin, Texas 51202
Contact: 501-222-5810

Career Objective:

Seeking to work as a laundry aide on basis of a Certificate in Housekeeping Management and capability of handling all operations in a laundry efficiently.

Professional Skills as a Laundry Aide:

Employment History:

Laundry Aide at Same Day Cleaners, Austin
Employed Since April 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Laundry Aide at Bay-Wash, Austin
Employed From October 2011 to March 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications and Certifications:


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