Mental Health Aide Resume

Metal health aides are the caregivers for the mentally ill patients in a health care facility or residence. Mentally ill patients are unable to perform many basic tasks in life and it is the responsibility of the mental healthcre aide to provide the necessary assistance so that the patients can live well. Mental healthcare aides help the patients in bathing, eating, dressing and other activities. They also provide emotional support to the patients and monitor their mental and physical wellbeing. They also bond with the patients and act as a companion at times.

Applying for a job

This is where your resume plays an important role because the employers seek professionals who can fulfill the job responsibilities efficiently. In your resume, you have to be descriptive with the information. Be it personal and contact details or the professional experience and skills, everything needs to be perfect so that the reader is not forced to read your resume more than once. This is a job where personal and soft skills help in developing a positive relationship with the patients and you need to write the same without fail.

Refer to the sample mental health aide resume below to know more.

Mental Health Aide Resume Example

Janet Wilson
2817, Westar Lane, Koln Avenue
Denver, Colorado 81002
Contact: (325) 728-4011

Career Objective:

Intend to work as a mental health aide on the basis of my experience, skills and the passion to provide healthcare services and a degree in behavioral science.

Professional Skills as a Mental Health Aide:

Work Experience:

Mental Health Aide at Russell Healthcare Foundation, Denver
Employed Since March 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Mental Health Aide at Roxanne Healthcare Clinic, Denver
Employed From April 2011 to February 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications and Certifications:


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