Nurse Aide Resume

Writing a nurse aide resume may require nothing more than a few minutes; its effects may last for a lifetime. This is why professionals are advised to learn how to write a nurse aide resume rather than just putting the details in a random format without a proper structure and flow.

The job of a nurse aide is to assist the Registered Nurse in the treatment of patients and other activities of a nursing home. They help the patients in the routine activities and administering medicines. Nurse aides also have to perform basic housekeeping tasks such as changing the bed linens, moving them from the bed to bathroom or examination room, monitoring vital body signs and other activities related to the clinical and clerical functions of a healthcare clinic.

How to write a Nurse Aide Resume

You are not alone in the job search. There are a thousand professionals like you who will come across the same job opportunity that you have chosen to apply for. This calls for a unique factor that makes you stand out of the crowd and your only solace will be a professionally written nurse aide resume. Though a lot has been said and done to explain the importance of a resume, many people are still in a daze as to how to write a resume that has maximum impact on the reader.

A simple and easy approach that you can adopt while writing a resume is to focus on the target job that you are applying for. Understand the demands of the job in terms of skills and qualifications and compare it with your skills and experience and provide the details accordingly. You can also provide the details that are not a part of job requirement but enhance your productivity as a nurse aide.

The nurse aide resume sample will give you a proper description about the ideal format that can be used to write a personalized resume.

Nurse Aide Resume Example

Annie Thompson
C-3, Sheldon Apartments, Mather's Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 78220
Contact: 810-521-5580

Career Objective:

Searching for a promising opportunity to work as a nurse aide and contribute my efforts in providing quality healthcare assistance to the patients.

Professional and Personal Skills:

Work Experience:

Nurse Aide at Symonds Hospital, Richmond
Employed Since April 2013
Work Responsibilities:

Nurse Aide at Pete Healthcare Clinic, Richmond
Employed from November 2011 to March 2013
Work Responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications and Certifications:


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