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Office aides assist in the routine operations of their organization in different capacities. Responsibilities assigned to these professionals include but are not limited to basic bookkeeping and accountancy, scheduling and canceling appointments, answering telephone calls, sorting mails and letters, operating office machinery including scanners and photocopy machines, maintaining files and documents, making bills and statements, etc. The job of an office aide demands people who are excellent in multitasking, problem solving and proficient in different tools of communication. Office assistants need to also have knowledge of operating computers and database management.

Applying for a job

Many professionals wonder what can possibly go wrong with resume writing. This thought leads them to write a resume without researching and analyzing the right format and language that must be incorporated in a resume. Result? Their resume goes unnoticed by the employers and goes further to the trash can. Your profile document needs to be categorized to specify your skills, qualifications and any prior work experience in a specific format as mentioned below. Also make sure that you use a simple language not because the employers are unable to understand complex terminology and abbreviations, but to ensure that your resume gets noticed and read in the minimum time frame possible.

Read the sample office aide resume to understand more.

Office Aide Resume Example

Richard Gates
2585, Ambassadors Lane, Greenwich Cross
Phoenix, Arizona 41102
Contact: 520-225-8524

Career Objective:

Candidate with a thorough working knowledge of office administrative work in reputed organizations along with a Diploma in Computer applications, seeks to work as an office aide.

Professional and Personal Skills:

Employment History:

Office Aide at Data Mushroom, Phoenix
Employed Since September 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Office Aide at Garden Organic Foods, Phoenix
Employed from February 2011 to August 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Academic Qualifications and Certifications:


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