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A program aide is responsible for managing the necessary arrangements required for the development and implementation of a program in an organization. He/she will work in association with the program leader and other team members and perform documentation, communication, providing necessary information, and many other clerical functions. As a program assistant, a person must possess excellent organizational and communication skills as well the knowledge of different procedures involved in program development and implementation.

Applying for a job

Employers spend little less than a minute to read a resume and if they do not find the applicant qualified enough, they don't mind ignoring it. The rules and regulations for writing your profile document are simple. Keep it clear and simple and treat it as a professional statement of your qualifications and not like a biography. Employers are looking for a candidate who can efficiently perform all the work responsibilities. You can be the lucky one only if you present the necessary information such as academic qualifications, details of employment history and skills possessed in the right format.

A sample program aide resume rendered below will further explain you the basics.

Program Aide Resume Example

David Parker
18, Greenland Apartments, Lake Street
Memphis, Tennessee 33240
Contact: (931) 721-4110

Career Objective:

Candidate with a degree in Business Management and thorough working experience and knowledge about effective co-ordination, seeks to work as a program aide for a reputed organization.

Skills as a Program Aide:

Work Experience:

Program Aide at Locus Corporation, Memphis
Employed Since June 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Program Aide at Tech Matters, Memphis
Employed from January 2011 to May 2013

Work Responsibilities:

Details of Academic Qualifications:


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