Army Intelligence Analyst Resume

The position of an army intelligence analyst officer is a responsible, challenging and risky job profile. However, what attracts the applicants towards this job profile is the pride of one's your nation. If you are aiming for the position of an army intelligence analyst position, here is some assistance for you. Find the job description, followed by an army intelligence analyst resume example as reference to help you draft an effective resume for yourself.

Job Description

Army intelligence is that discipline in army which provides the guidance and support to commanders in planning and decision making process. They perform several activities that include analysis, interpretation, planning and execution. Their role is important within the army as they provide the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to plan army activities. They alert the national security force for probable threats for attacks from enemies. On certain occasions, they may extend their services to overcome political uprisings or natural disasters as well.

Army Intelligence Analyst Resume Example

Simon Luther
14, Derby Street, New York, NY
Telephone number: 122 - 040 - 7878
Email id:

Career Objective:

To acquire the position of an army intelligence analyst and utilize my knowledge and analytical skills for serving the nation honestly and sincerely.

Key Skills:

Work Summary:

Army Intelligence Analyst
United States Army, New York


Army Intelligence Support Analyst
United States Army, Washington


Educational Qualifications:

Technical Competence

Language Competence


Will be provide on request.

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