Business Operations Analyst Resume

A business operations analyst is responsible for the assessment of the current operational system of the organization. The analysis is done to evaluate the effectiveness of the applied system and to find out the shortcomings and inefficiencies within the system. It is also performed to identify weak areas of operations and develop long-term or permanent solutions. The emphasis of their work is to execute work efficiently and ensure achievement of the organization's goals. The scope of this job position is wide as it finds an application in private, government and public sectors and provides high compensation as well.

A job application for a business operations analyst position must demonstrate strong mathematical and statistical skills. It should also highlight the candidate's ability in solving problems, drafting reports, initiating development programs, etc.

Business Operations Analyst Resume Example

Brian E. Cherry
1412 Broad Street
Clanton, AL 35045
Phone: 205-431-3089

Career Objectives:

Looking for a business operations analyst position with “Allied Healthcare Group,” to review the work of the facility, find problematics areas, and provide permanent solutions for smooth functioning.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Business Operation Analyst
City Clinic, Clanton, AL
August 2013 - Present

Business Operation Analyst
Success Healthcare Center, Clanton, AL
February 2012 - July 2013



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