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Just like you collect, analyze, interpret, and present data to your clients or employer in a plain and simple English, a data analyst resume too must showcase your experience, skill, and abilities to the hiring managers lucidly. No matter whether your job is to work with sales, marketing, inventory, transportation, or production data, the information on the resume must be easy to understand what you do daily on the job. If you focus on these main sections that should appear on the resume, it will help in getting closer to the company's door.

A. Career Profile or Career Summary for Data Analyst Resume

For a data analyst job, using a Career Profile or Career Summary will be useful. This section needs to be brief and highlight your skills, expertise, and capabilities for the job. This will give the hiring manager a quick overview about your professional and know-how of the job. Along with expertise, include accomplishments use if there are any noteworthy ones in your career.

Here is an example how a Career Profile statement on a data analyst resume should read:

Highly-skilled, diligent, and competent Data Analyst with 8+ years of experience in collecting, retrieving, analyzing, and interpreting sales and marketing data to help clients and employers take better strategic decisions for the business. Proficient in drafting detail reports and analyzing internal and external data. Innovative in finding deriving solutions for business problems and introduce viable processes.

B. Skills for Data Analyst Resume

Some common data analyst skills necessary to include in the resume are:

C. Professional Experience for Data Analyst Resume

Since data is about numbers and figures, data analysts are expected to be good with statistical and quantitative techniques. So the work experience section in a data analyst resume must spell our your accomplishments in numbers and figures. This will help in demonstrating the impact your produced on the job.

D. Education for Data Analyst Resume

A bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Economics, Business, or Computer Science is must to work as a data analyst. Further, additional certification in Java or SQL will also help in the job.

Data Analyst Resume Sample

John M. Schulman
3867 Kovar Road
Cambridge, MA 02141
Phone: 508-618-2884

Career Profile

Skilled, creative, and energetic Data Analyst with 7+ years of experience in providing analytical support for interpreting and understanding all internal and external data. Proven record of helping clients track their business and take better decisions. Instrumental in providing strategic solutions to clients that boost sales and revenue by 55%. Worked on multiple projects worth 1200 million dollars.

Summary of Skills

Professional Experience

Data Analyst
Tenet Corporation, Cambridge, MA
March 2018 - Present

Data Analyst
ATC Logistics, Cambridge, MA
June 2015 - February 2018

Data Analyst
Fine Digital, Cambridge, MA
April 2012 - May 215



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