Derivatives Analyst Resume

Derivatives are a complex branch of finance. Derivatives are intangible assets that derive its value from some other underlying asset. It is in the form of a future contract that gives right to one entity to buy the asset at set price on a future date. The derivatives analyst does the complex work of applying mathematical and statistical formulas and studying market behavior to compute future market price of assets. The derivative analyst has to plan the future financial transactions of the organization and ensure healthy returns from investments.

Derivatives Analyst Resume Example

Eva Cullen
12, Maple square, Whitefields Street,
Orlando, FL 21143
Telephone number: 455 - 121 - 3636
Email id:

Career Objectives :

To attain the derivatives analyst position in an organization, where I can utilize my knowledge in finance and assist the organization in planning of their financial goals.

Key Skills :

Work Summary :

Position: Derivatives Analyst
Organization name : Feelrich Financial Inc, Orlando
Duration : since July 2013

Responsibilities :

Position: Asst. Derivatives Analyst
Organization name : Quick Financial Solutions Inc, Orlando
Duration : January 2011- June 2013

Responsibilities :

Educational Qualifications :

Certifications :

Achievements :


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