Golf Attendant Resume

A golf attendant is responsible for the entire maintenance of the golf ground area and the club area. He is supposed to ensure the cleanliness practices in these areas. He is also responsible for greeting guests and players and unloading their bags and carrying them to the playing area. The attendant should be aware of all the rules, regulations and policies of the organization he is working with because he might need to provide information regarding this to the guests and players. Extensive knowledge of operating tools and equipment used in the maintenance of the golf areas, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, physical and mental fitness and ability to work independently as well as in a team with equal efficiency are some of the general expectations from a candidate applying for the post of a golf attendant.

If you are interested in this post, here follows a sample resume for the post of a golf attendant. Remember, this is just an example of how to write a resume for the relevant post and need not be copied as it is. The names and the addresses in this resume are fictitious and need to be replaced by the real ones in your resume.

Golf Attendant Resume Example

Jimmy Torres
289, Grade Street,
Newark, Delaware- 19716
Contact: (920)487-2068
Email id:

Career Objective:

Experienced golf attendant with an ability and efficiency of handling golfing equipment and carts with excellent organizational skills.

Summary of Qualifications:

Work Experience:

Golf Attendant, August 2013 - Present
Green Valley Country Club, Newark, DE

Duties and Responsibilities:



Available upon Request.

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