Healthcare Auditor Resume

If you are keen on making a career in the healthcare management field, then here is a healthcare auditor job description and healthcare auditor resume example. These details will guide you well on drafting a distinctive resume for your job search.

Healthcare Auditor Job Description

Healthcare auditors are management experts with competent knowledge in the field of food sciences and healthcare management. Healthcare auditors are employed by the city governing body to visit the healthcare centers and perform quality assurance tests. They analyze the several functions and aspects of the centers, such as food services, responsiveness to emergencies, stocking of essential medicines, record keeping and accounting as well. Their main job is to find out if the organization succeeds in providing patients with prompt medical attention and quality healthcare services.

Healthcare Auditor Resume Example

Julia Stewart
Address: 18, Westside Street, Wichita, KN 66154
Telephone Number: 611 - 020 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

To acquire the position of healthcare auditor and ensure the organization is in compliance the set legal formalities and standards efficiently.

Key Skills:

Work Experience

Designation: Healthcare Auditor
Organization: Healthcare Department, Wichita
Duration: March 2013 - Present

Designation: Internal Healthcare Auditor
Organization: Naturo Healthcare Center, Wichita
Duration: September 2011 - February 2013


Member of Association for Healthcare Management Auditors, Wichita since 2012

Educational Qualifications:

Completed Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Management from Wichita University in the year 2011


Available upon request.

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