Adolescent Counselor Resume

Lots of physical, mental, and emotional changes occur during the growing age in a person's life. As this phase is important to decide the future, one wrong step or decision can have adverse impact on anyone's life. Youngsters are more prone to take to drugs, alcohol, and other addictions. Hence, proper counseling and guidance at this age is important for shaping their future. Adolescent Counselors are matured, qualified, and professional who know the turmoil young people go through. Their experience and counseling prove to be a great help to youngsters in the adolescent stage.

Their job profile includes identification of cases of domestic abuse and grave family problems that may hinder the growth of a student. The counselors have to consult parents, teachers, school administrators, peers, medical professionals, social workers to identify and solve problems with adolescent. They help youngsters in developing a positive frame of mind and achieve overall development.

If you have the innate capacity to interact with people and understand their problems, are compassionate and accurate in diagnosing problems, you are fit for this job. While preparing your job application, you must try to keep it short and precise. It is through this resume that you are going to reach your potential employer before you see him in person.

Adolescent Counselor Resume Example

Kevin C. Stanley
2830 Goosetown Drive
Newland, NC 28657
Phone: 828-733-0388
Email: kcstanley@example

Career Objective:

To work as an Adolescent Counselor in a reputed organization where I can use my professional skills and psychology to help youngsters overcome mental problems and addictions.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Adolescent Counselor
Aspire Youth Center, Newland, NC
September 2012 - Present

Adolescent Counselor Assistant
Phoenix Counselors Pvt. Ltd., Newland, NC
January 2010 - August 2012



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