Lead Animator Resume

Lead animator resume is for the professionals who have been working in the animation industry for a long time and now are in a position to lead several projects in a studio, production house, or a similar facility. Preparing this resume is as tricky as creating an animation. You need to utilize your creativity and aesthetics to give it a realistic touch. Any minor error or misrepresentation can lead to unwanted consequences, first and last being rejection from the interview.

As mentioned above, a lead animator looks after projects that require animated content. He has to supervise a team of animators and artists who are involved in the creation and development of animation sequences for feature films, television series, advertisements, or any other form of visual communication. He is responsible for timely completion of all the projects and quality of final output. He has to meet with the clients to understand their requirements and communicate the same to the team. Throughout the process, he has to provide technical and moral support to the staff, so that they can deliver the expected outputs.

Lead Animator Resume Example

Martin J. Spielberg
2905 Hamilton Avenue
Albany, New York 39140
Contact: 631-502-8479
Email: martin.js@freemail.com

Career Objective:

Looking forward to work as a lead animator, so that I can utilize my expertise and experience in this profession to deliver creative output for the masses.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Lead Animator at Layers Design Studio, Albany
Employed Since July 2013

Work Responsibilities


Lead Animator at Symbols Studio, Albany
Employed from January 2011 to June 2013

Work Responsibilities




Available on request.

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