Network Designer Resume

Network designers study business requirements and develop the overall networking solutions including LAN/WAN infrastructure, routing, directory services, installation of different drivers and components as well as all security and updates required for smooth functioning of computer systems in the organization. These professionals are also responsible to provide resolution and troubleshoot assistance for any technical issues that may arise within the network.

Applying for a job

Mentioning your skills and qualifications and your competency with different routers, servers, switches, gauntlets, firewalls and other networking tools in your profile document is necessary for this profile. Describe your previous work experiences in reverse chronological order with detailed job description and projects you have worked in. Academic qualifications and additional certificate courses must also follow in reverse chronological order.

Go through the sample networking designer resume below to learn more about the process.

Network Designer Resume Example

Clayton Marshall
224, Silver Gardens, Off East Interstate Highway
Denver, Colorado 41170
Contact: 826-441-2267

Career Objective:

A certified network engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Science and in-depth working knowledge about networks in big organizations, seeks to work as a network designer for a reputed company.

Technical Expertise:

Personal Skills:

Work Experience:

Denver Technologies
Network Designer
August 2013 - Present

Key responsibilities

Silicon Island Technologies
Network Designer
January 2010 - July 2013

Key responsibilities

Academic Qualifications and Certifications:


On request.

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