Package Designer Resume

Package designers have to discuss packaging requirements suitable for a particular product with engineering, marketing, warehousing and other departments to develop packaging containers best suited for the product. Tehy also decide on the shape and size as well as appearance of containers including labels and markers. They also provide suggestions for materials used in designing packages.

Applying for a job

While drafting a professional profile document, you must maintain a systematic flow of information. The ideal way is to start with personal information such as name, contact number, postal address, e-mail etc. Write your career objective in brief and then describe your work experience and responsibilities that you had been assigned in the previous jobs. Provide details of your academic qualifications and other courses that you have completed.

A sample package designer resume is provided below to help you understand the process.

Package Designer Resume Example

Michael Smith
1346, Arthur Lane, Millington Estate
Olympia, Washington 24461
Contact: 819-227-6164

Career Objective:

To work as a package designer in an organization on basis of thorough working experience of the domain along with a degree in Branding and Merchandising.

Professional and Personal Skills:

Work Experience:

Innovative Concepts
Package Designer
December 2012 - Present

Job functions and responsibilities

Spectrum Designs
Package Designer
June 2010 - November 2012

Job functions and responsibilities

Academic Qualifications:

Master's Degree in Branding and Merchandising, Washington University of Arts


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