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Writing a developer resume is as easy as writing a letter or e-mail to your friend or relatives, as long as you follow the etiquette of resume writing. Any development professional may go ahead and write a resume, and it's quite a simple task as long as you do not complicate it by messing up the contents. Being in the profession of developing software products and applications, you must also develop your skills in writing a resume so that you can create a positive impact on your prospective employer when you apply for a new job.

Resume is meant to highlight your professional skills, academic qualifications and the work experience that you have acquired in the course of your life. The other requisites of a resume are your personal details including but not limited to your address, phone number and e-mail for further communication from the employer or recruitment agency.

That being said, you must also know the ideal flow of information that must be followed while writing a resume. Starting with your personal details, you should move to your career objective, professional and personal skills, work experience and your academic qualifications. Any major achievements such as any award or certificate in the course of your career or academic journey can be included in the relevant section. Give reference with detailed contact information and position. If you choose not to give reference right away, you can mention that reference can provided upon request.

Always make sure that you put only the relevant and true information in your resume. Being a developer, you are never ever supposed to include any details that do not have the remotest link to the job profile you choose to apply for. Any false information can lead to termination from the job and attract legal action.

Developer Resume Example

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