HVAC Project Engineer Resume

You definitely must have some idea of the limitations in preparing a professional HVAC project engineer resume, if you are actually in the writing process. There is no doubt that resume has the potentiality of creating a lasting impression on the mind of the prospective employer. It even can pave the way for landing in an interview call leading to get hold of the position you dream for. An unprofessionally drafted resume may leave the applicant depressed. Making your resume unique is simply presenting yourself as the most qualified and eligible applicant for the profile.

HVAC project engineer is an engineer who handles the complete life-cycle involved in HVAC projects. This engineer performs responsibility of providing direction and engineering guidelines from initial stage of the project to the delivery stage. Some of the job responsibilities of a HVAC project engineer include reviewing project plan, identifying equipment and process of executing the project phase, developing strategies to reduce project cost, and delivering the project as per the date outlined in the proposal. The role also demands developing mechanical specifications, designing HVAC and fire protection systems.

This HVAC project engineer resume example will make valuable contribution in generating ideas that make your resume sound professional and appealing.

HVAC Project Engineer Resume Example

Jim Andrew
2560 Campus, Old Port Richey, Florida
Contact: 123-863-0298
Email: andrew@example.com

Career Objective:

A mechanical engineering degree holder and sound knowledge about HVAC automation systems, design procedures, and repairing of HVAC products, seeks to work as a HVAC project engineer for a recognized organization.

Summary of Skills:

Professional History:

Structural Group Engineering, Florida
June 2012 - Present
HVAC Project Engineer

VS Engineering, Florida,
April 2009 - May 2012
Junior Project Engineer


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering- Florida University, Florida 2009


Will be pleased to provide upon request.

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