Call Center Team Leader Resume

Call center team leaders must have good leadership and communication skills. They are responsible for setting targets for agents, providing resources and assistance in reaching targets, handling escalations, motivating the team, drafting presentations, giving fast, efficient, and reliable customer service, and liaising between the management and the assigned team. These duties will be the same regardless of the type of call center one is working in.

Given the duties a call center team leader handles, the resume for this position must feature communication, leadership, and motivational skills. If the call center is into providing information technology service, you must include related technical skills as well. Even if the setting is not related to IT, it is necessary to show computer skills as call centers function with the help of computers and telecommunication system.

Call Center Team Leader Resume Example

Grahm Kreg
7389, West 54 Street,
Boston, MH 2871,
Contact: 352-390 5849

Career Objective:

To work as a team leader for an insurance service call center and streamline all the processes for settling claims, handle escalations, enforce company's goals, and handle a team of agents.

Summary of Skills:

Team Leader
Silicon Inc., Boston, MH
March 2012 - Present Team Leader
Network Solutions Inc., Boston, MH
May 2010 - February 2012



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