Marketing Team Leader Resume

Bringing a new product or service in the market is a tough task. Today's consumers, being extra careful and knowledgeable, makes the job more difficult. Therefore, every organization employs a marketing team and a team leader to do the advertising and promotion of its products and services. The marketing team leader drives the team in selling everything the company has manufactured for consumers. Whether it is a concept, idea, or consumable item, the team leader will ensure that it is properly delivered to the target audience through proper marketing and advertising policies.

As the job involved meeting lots of people on and off the field, the communication skills of the marketing team leader must be above average. In addition, he must be an extrovert with good interpersonal skills. He will also need to analyze and conduct survey on the likes and tastes of target audience. If you have the knack to sell anything and rejoice in meeting and exceeding challenges, take this sample resume and customize it to your needs.

Marketing Team Leader Resume Example

Isabella G. GARCIA
989 S. Woodrow Lane
Atlanta, GA 30125
Contact: 404-888-4539

Career Objective:

To work as a marketing team leader for a food company and ensure its products become a household name by conducting strategic promotional and advertising campaigns.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Marketing Team Leader
Hearty Foods Inc., Atlanta, GA
January 2014 - Present

Marketing Executive
Global Marketing Inc., Atlanta, GA
April 2012 - December 2013



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