Dump Truck Operator Resume

We have provided a dump truck operator resume example along with the job description of a dump truck operator here. These details will help you understand the job nature, major requirements and responsibilities of this position.

A dump truck operator drives large trucks that transport and dump waste materials like sand, gravel, rock or non-degradable garbage. They mostly work in construction, mining and engineering industry. Along with maneuvering the trucks from sites to the dumping grounds, they take care of cleaning, repairing and maintaining the trucks. They perform loading and unloading of materials, weighing of goods, recording and reporting the activities to seniors etc. The key qualities required for these operators are excellent driving skills, knowledge and adherence to safety measures and the ability to understand instructions.

Dump Truck Operator Resume Example

Martin Jolie
Address: 13, Elm Street, Boston, MA 47712
Telephone Number: 477 - 010 - xxxx
Email Id: martinjolie@example.com

Career Objective:

Experienced heavy vehicles driver capable of driving through rough terrain for long hours seeks to work for a construction company as a dump truck operator.

Key Skills:

Educational Qualification:


Possess a valid class 1 driving license.

Work Summary:

More than 3 years of experience of working as a dump truck operator

Dump Truck Operator
KLM Construction Inc, Boston
November 2011 - till date


Dump Truck Operator
PQR Construction Inc, Boston
September 2009 - October 2011



Mark Mosby
Project Lead
KLM Construction Inc, Boston
Telephone number: 177 - 020 - xxxx
Email id: markmosby@example.com

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