Graduate Intern Pharmacist Resume

Working as a graduate intern pharmacist to get the hang of the profession is the best way to build a foundation for your career. To get the position, you need to show exceptional talent. Employers seek promising candidates whom they can employ for a longer period. The only way to show you have the qualities to be a permanent member of the organization is to present an effective resume highlighting your education and skills.

When applying for an intern pharmacist position, emphasis should be put on theoretical aspects of the jobs. By reading the resume, the employer must be able to perceive you as a fit candidate for the job. Good communication skills, attention to detail, professional attitude, computer proficiency are some of the features of a good resume.

Graduate Intern Pharmacist Resume Example

Henry Roberts
435, Port Street,
Worth, TX 43567
Contact: 564-675-7898

Career Objective:

Seeking a graduate intern pharmacist position to use my theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills while serving customers of the establishment.

Summary of Skills:


Graduate Intern Pharmacist
Angle Community Pharmacy, Worth, TX
May 2013 - Present

Graduate Intern Pharmacist
Galrema Laboratories Inc., Worth, TX
June 2012 - April 2013



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