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PRN, which stands for "pro re nata" is a Latin abbreviation which means 'as occasion requires' or 'as needed'. This term is usually used in the medical setting. For instance, if a doctor writes PRN on a prescription, it means that the particular medicine has to be taken only as and when needed, not strictly on the mentioned time. It is used only for very common medicines such as cough syrup, sleeping pills, pain relieving drugs, etc. The nurses are usually supposed to use their judgment while administering the drugs labeled with PRN.

Now, in terms of staffing, PRN means that this staff will be called on duty only as and when needed or even better, as the occasion demands. But these are not part time employees, because they are not expected to fill any specific number of hours. On the contrary they are free to work in many different settings, thus getting experience of varied types of working environments. They can also get extra time for completing their family obligations and/or any further qualifications they are willing to acquire.

When we narrow down the scope further, a PRN pharmacist can be understood to be a pharmacist who will be called into hospitals or clinics or for that matter any other places which employ the services of a pharmacist, when they are short of staff. This type of pharmacist can be called during weekends or holidays too. Moreover, these have to be experienced enough because they have to go and fill the positions immediately without any prior training.

In order to work as a PRN pharmacist, the applicant needs to have some experience. What is more important is that this experience should be self-evident from the resume of the candidate. Since there are going to be many different applicants and as many applications, which incontrovertibly contain a resume, yours should be the one which gets noticed by the employer.

PRN Pharmacist Resume Example

Bradley Poole
2964 Cedar Lane
Boston, MA 02199
Phone: 617-600-8764

Career Objective:

To obtain a PRN pharmacist position in your hospital where my experience in preparing, dispensing, and monitoring medications can add value to customer service.

Summary of Skill:

Work Experience:

PRM Pharmacist
Kenji Hospital, Boston, MA
July 2012 - Present

24/7 Clinic, Boston, MA
February 2010 - June 2012



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