Travelling Pharmacist Resume

A traveling pharmacist job is for them who love to travel and meet new people. This job needs a pharmacy degree and minimum two-year experience of a medical setting. You may work on a regular shift in this position, or on a rotational shift. The salary you will earn is a little higher as compared to a traditional pharmacist. It will also depend on who you have been employed through and for whom. Your experience and skills also influence the salary. However, the job is temporary and may last for a month or a year depending on the assignment. You need to apply to healthcare staffing agency/company.

Travelling Pharmacist Resume Example

James J. Landry
3858 Golden Street
Miami, FL 33139
Contact: 305-672-6352

Career Objective:

Looking for a traveling pharmacist position to provide pharmacy care to several locations, and work for both short-term and long-term pharmacy assignments.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Traveling Pharmacist
MedSure Health Services, Miami, FL
September 2012 - Present

Traveling Pharmacist
PharmaPoint, Miami, FL
May 2010 - August 2012



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