AC Repair Resume

AC is an acronym for air conditioner. It is an appliance or system used to cool or heat the interiors of a closed space. AC runs on electricity and utilizes the technique of refrigeration cycle for its operations. The main responsibility of an AC repairer is to visit the clients and examine the installed air conditioners to evaluate their performance levels. He repairs and services the three main components of the Air conditioner i.e. the compressor, condenser and an evaporator. He ensures the three components are sufficiently charged, kept clean and are operating with optimum use of resources. Further he examines the tubes, wiring and vents to remove any obstruction that disturbs the flow of heat and air. He verifies the operation of the control panel and verifies if it operates as directed. Thus, the AC repair technician helps to improve the life of the air conditioner and ensures its smooth operations.

Refer to the given AC repair resume example and write your own resume, based on it.

AC Repair Resume Example

Richard Moore
11S, Lake-Town Street,
Houston, TX 57741
Contact: 644 - 121 - 3635

Career Objective:

Looking for an AC repair technician position with an electronic shop to provide installation and maintenance service to clients using my years of experience in the field.

Key Skills:

Educational Qualifications:

High School Diploma
Vincent's High School
Houston (2009)

Work Summary:

Designation : AC Repair Specialist
Organization Name : Versatile Electronics Repairing Unit, Houston

Duration : July 2012 - Present

Designation : AC Repair Specialist
Organization Name : Excellence Electronics Servicing Unit, Houston

Duration : February 2010 - June 2012
Responsibilities :

Workshop Details:

Completed a 4 months internship at Vincent's Vocational Training School from October 2009 till January 2010 where I learned and mastered the techniques of installing and repairing and servicing the air conditioners.


Mark Morgan
Professional Details: Stores Manager
Versatile Electronics Repairing Unit,
Houston, TX
Contact Details: 644 - 898 - 2625

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