Automotive Collision Repair Resume

An automotive collision repair specialist is expected to repair automobiles that are damaged after getting involved in accidents. Depending upon the severity of the accidents the automobiles may have sustained damages to its core engine or to its exteriors. The collision repairer must be capable of handling all types of damages and must restore the car to its original state such that no one can ever know that the automobile was ever engaged in an accident. The collision repairer must have knowledge about damage inspection, auto body parts replacement, cleaning and re-fixing the engine, soldering the broken parts, removing dents, repairing and furnishing the exteriors, etc. He must have proficiency in using the powered and hand tools effectively without damaging the delicate parts of the automobile. Thus, the qualities of technical competence, hand and eye coordination and attention to detailing are vital for an automobile collision repair specialist.

Here is an automotive collision repair resume example. This resume template will provide effective guidance to job seekers in writing an impressive resume for their job search.

Automotive Collision Repair Resume Example

Victor Craig
16S, Davenport Street,
Mesa, AZ 65547
Contact: 366 - 147 - 9596

Career Objective:

To attain the position of an automotive collision repair specialist and perform repairing functions to renovate and strengthen the damaged automobiles.

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications:

Work Summary:

Automotive Collision Repairer
Rejuvenate Automobile Repairing Unit,
Mesa, August 2011 - till date

Automotive Collision Repairer
Rejoice Automobile Repairing Unit,
Mesa, October 2009 - July 2011


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