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Bicycle repairing is one of the oldest professions in the world. In earlier days, the bicycle was the most common mode of traveling. Now, though, cycling is looked upon more as a hobby or a sport, the number of bicycle riders remains quite large. Thus, there is a huge demand for bicycle repairers. The bicycle repairers find work across multiple levels. They may work for bicycle manufacturers and help in assembling bicycles. Secondly, they may work in shops that sell sports bicycles and undertake specialized repair work as the mechanism of a sports bicycle differs from that of the commercial bicycles. The third option is to set up an independent repairing outlet. The typical responsibilities handled by a bicycle repair mechanic are assemble bicycles, repair breaks, align handlebars, remove puncture and refill air in wheels, weld the detached parts and paint the exteriors. Thus, the bicycle repairer is expected to increase his technical knowledge and sharpen his skills as more advanced versions of bicycles are introduced in the market.

Here is a bicycle repair resume example. This resume template provides detailed information about the chief responsibilities of a bicycle repairer. Utilize the resume for reference and prepare your own resume.

Bicycle Repair Resume Example

Dean Clearwater
Address: 11N, Rowena Street, Boston, MA 26614
Telephone Number: 644 - 111 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

To obtain a bicycle repair technician position with a bicycle manufacturing company where I will have an opportunity to assemble parts and repair commercial and sports bicycles.

Key Skills:

Work Experience:

Designation: Bicycle Repairer
Organization: Speed Bicycle Manufacturers Inc, Boston
Duration: April 2013 - Present

Designation: Bicycle Repairer
Organization: Endure Sports Shop, Boston
Duration: October 2011 - March 2013

Educational Qualifications:


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