Elevator Repair Resume

An elevator repair mechanic is responsible to install, repair and maintain the functioning of the elevators. In addition to the elevators, he looks after the operations of the escalators, chair-lifts, and moving sidewalks. They must have expert knowledge in field of electronic and mechanical engineering. They undertake maintenance tasks of cleaning the elevator shafts, removing dust and dirt from machinery, oiling the movable parts, inspecting the wirings, examining the strength of cables, examining the functioning of the motors, etc. Additionally, in case of any breakdown or malfunctioning of the elevators, the elevator repair technician takes the responsibility of identifying the nature and cause of defect and mends the defective components. They perform periodic tests as well to judge the efficiency of the elevators that will help them predict and prevent any technical failure. The most effective way of acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills is to work as an apprentice and get trained to repair elevators.

If you possess a prior experience of working as an elevator repairer and you wish to gain a better job on the basis of this experience, here is some assistance for you. Find below an elevator repair resume example.

Elevator Repair Resume Example

Charlie Crowell
Address: 16, Pine Street, Tucson, AZ 58874
Telephone Number: 633 - 040 - xxxx
Email Id: charliecrowell@exampel.com

Career Objective:

To work as an elevator repair mechanic with a company that provides elevators to public and private buildings where I can assemble, install, and repair elevator equipment according to the building safety codes and regulations.

Key Skills:

Work Experience:

Elevator Repairer
Elevation Technicians Inc, Tucson
July 2012 - Present

Elevator Repairer
Riley Repair Stores, Tucson
October 2010 - June 2012

Educational Qualifications:


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