Helicopter Repair Resume

The position of a helicopter repairer is challenging and rewarding as well. He is expected to repair the helicopter parts and ensure they deliver finest performance. He examines the helicopter parts namely the propellers, brakes, gears, hydraulic and structural engines, aerodynamics and the safety measures to make certain every part is well configured and maintained. He evaluates the performance of the helicopters using the several performance metrics and testing tools to make sure the helicopter possesses the capacity to fly long distances without interruptions. He manages the radar, maps and communication devices. He studies the instructional manual in detail and comprehends the nature of the functioning of the engine. The helicopter repairer bears the responsibility of ensuring the helicopter engine does not fail unexpectedly and lead to accidents.

Feel free to follow the given helicopter repair resume example and take an idea on effective ways of drafting a resume. This sample will guide the job seekers on incorporating the qualifications and experience details in the resume expressively.

Helicopter Repair Resume Example

Michael Stewart
11N, Isle Street,
Tucson, AZ 57741
Contact: 644 - 123 - 0012
Email: michaelstewart@example.com

Career Objective:

To utilize my mechanical and electrical skills by working as a helicopter repair technician for a major corporation where I can perform repair and maintenance of helicopter to ensure safe flight.

Key Skills:

Educational Qualifications:

Work Experience:

Possess an extensive experience of working for 4 years as a helicopter repair specialist in full time employment and giving my best to ensure that the helicopters are free of any repairs

Designation: Helicopter Repairer
Organization: Fly-High Repairing Services, Tucson

Duration: September 2012 - Present

Designation: Helicopter Repairer
Organization: Rise Repairing Services, Tucson

Duration: October 2010 - August 2012


Name: Frank Thomas
Designation: Head - Maintenance department
Organization Name: Fly-High Repairing Services, Tucson
Telephone Number: 644 - 456 - 9696
Email Id: frankthomas@example.com

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