Marine Repair Resume

A marine repair technician is responsible to conduct periodic inspections to check the performance and provide servicing to the different machinery and systems used on board. He may not specialize in repairing any particular type of machinery or system but is expected to possess knowledge in repairing the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components of the marine machinery. He must be adept in repairing the functioning of the heating, cooling, ventilation and sewage systems. Additionally, he maintains the propulsion and navigation systems of the vessel. The basic qualities required in a marine repair technician are technical skills, hand dexterity, knowledge of the marine equipment, safety measures and waste disposal protocols. Thus, the marine repairers contribute to successful voyages.

Utilize the given marine repair resume example for guidance and draft your resume.

Marine Repair Resume Example

Philip Bentley
16, Lake town Street,
Seattle, WA 98874
Contact: (206) 575-1606

Career Objective:

To acquire the position of a marine repair mechanic that allows me opportunities to serve my organization and attain expertise in marine repairing and servicing field.

Key Skills

Work Experience:

Post: Marine Repair Technician
Company: JKL Marines Inc, Seattle
Tenure: July 2013 - till date

Post: Marine Repair Specialist
Company: PQR Transporters Inc, Seattle
Tenure: October 2011 - June 2013

Educational Qualifications:


On request.

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