Musical Instrument Repair Resume

The position of a musical instrument repairer is endowed with challenging responsibilities and has the capacity to give an enriching work experience. If you are keen on learning about the position of a musical instrument repair technician, then here is some assistance for you. Given below is a detailed job description of a musical instrument repairer along with a musical instrument repair resume example.

Musical Instrument Repair Job Description

Musical instrument repairers work for shops that sell and repair musical instruments. Alternatively, they may run independent repairing outlets as well. He is responsible to repair the damages or fine tune the instruments. He must be acquainted with different varieties of instruments. He must possess strong knowledge about the work mechanism of different kinds of instruments such that he is able to detect rough working or poor sound quality of any instrument promptly. He performs different repairing functions, depending upon the type of the instrument. They need to dismantle the instrument, remove or mend the defective parts, adjust and arrange the instrument pieces back in their position and replace the broken/rusted parts to make certain the instruments deliver optimum performance. He may specialize in repairing particular instruments such as percussion or string instruments. With experience, he may be appointed to consult customers on appropriate ways of playing, repairing and maintaining instruments.

Musical Instrument Repair Resume Example

Celina Jones
Address: 16S, Wellington Street, San Jose, CA 68874
Telephone Number: 955 - 040 - xxxx
Email Id:

Career Objective:

A musical instrument repair technician position with a music shop to use my skills of inspecting and repairing damaged musical instrument.

Key Skills:

Work Experience:

Designation: Musical Instrument Repairer
Organization: DoReMe Music Store, San Jose
Duration: March 2012 - Present

Designation: Musical Instrument Repairer
Organization: Symphony Music Store, San Jose
Duration: October 2010 - February 2012

Areas of Interest:

Educational Qualifications:


Name: Ben Mayer
Designation: Showroom Manager
Organization Name: DoReMe Music Store, San Jose
Telephone Number: 955 - 123- xxxx
Email Id:

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