Small Arms Repair Resume

Small arms maintenance can be an interesting and challenging field. Job aspirants may not require any particular qualifications to pursue a career as a small arm repairer but can acquire the necessary skills and expertise with on job training. Find further details in the given small arms repair resume example.

Small Arms Repairer Job Description

The small arms repair specialist works in artillery repairing workshops and is responsible to provide servicing and repairing to the several varieties of small arms. The small arms repair specialist must possess knowledge about the mechanics of small arms and be skilled at identifying the mechanical and structural defects effectively. He performs servicing of the older varieties of small arms by cleaning and oiling its mechanical components. He removes the rusted and worn out materials and fixes up new parts in its place. He makes modification within the existing mechanism of the artillery and upgrades them to provide higher efficiency standards. The key qualities required for a small arms repair specialist are analytical skill, technical knowledge, emphasis on the safety and preventive measures, customer care skills and knowledge in discarding obsolete weapons to work as a small arm repair specialist.

Small Arms Repair Resume Example

Fred Green
15N, Blue Mountains Avenue,
Tucson, AZ 5874
Contact: 266 - 414 - 5658

Career Objective:

To secure opportunities that will help me work as a small arms repairer and utilize my technical skills in servicing and maintaining the small arms.

Key Skills:

Work Summary:

Designation: Small Arms Repairer
Organization Name: ABC Weapons Repair Shop, Tucson

Duration: May 2013 - till date

Designation: Small Arms Repairer
Organization Name: XYZ Small Arms Repair Shop, Tucson

Duration: October 2011 - April 2013

Educational Qualifications:


On request.

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