Computer Network Specialist Resume

Connecting workstations to the server through cables or wireless systems is what computer network specialist do in most organizations. These networking specialist are also capable of handling repair and maintenance of computer systems. Without their skills, it would be impossible for businesses to receive and pass on information both internally and externally. In short, staying connected with staff and clients is possible with an effective computer networking systems, which is done by the computer network specialists.

The network specialist job needs special skills. When scanning a resume for this position, the employer may look at the type of software and hardware you have handled. Further, your abilities in eliminating hacking and virus threats will be looked at. The recruiter will also need you to hold knowledge of email systems, wireless networks, system backups, intranet, internet, and routers. Therefore, draft your computer specialist resume keeping in view all these details.

Computer Network Specialist Resume Example

John Braud
123, EBay Street
Boston, MA, 6677
Contact: 143-868-8869

Career Objective:

To work as a computer network specialist for a retail chain and help in retaining customers, and enhancing productivity by applying my skills in managing cable or wireless networking systems.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Computer Network Specialist
GRT Software Inc., Boston, MA
April 2012 - Present

Computer Network Specialist
Zen Software Solutions, Boston, MA
May 2010 - March 2012



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