Area Supervisor Resume

Area supervisor is a job title that is found in all types of industries from factories, to government organizations, transportation companies, security organizations, and retail stores. As such the required education for this position differs with the type of employment. However, experience is vital in all these fields. The person with this job title performs a wide range of tasks. His key responsibilities will be to supervise and lead a team of workers, schedule and assign work, and ensure everything gets accomplished in time, budget and as per the planning. Therefore, when reading an area supervisor resume, the employer will see the kind of results you produced in the job.

Area Supervisor Resume Example

Jimmy Freeney
56987 Calumet Ave, Apt#9
New York, NY 10040
Contact: 123-423-8999

Career Objective:

An energetic and driven individual with experience in security services is seeking an area supervisor position to offer high-quality services to customers.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Area Supervisor
Hawk Corporation, New York, NY
October 2012 - Present

Assistant Area Supervisor
Hones Security Inc., New York, NY
January 2010 to September 2012



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