Bench Technician Resume

A bench technician a trained person in electronics who is hired by a workshop producing electronic components, or a company manufacturing electronics items. He may also gain technical expertise working on the job. He will assemble electronic components and perform maintenance and repair work. If he is working in a manufacturing unit, then he will be working on the assembly floor and fixing the malfunctioning of electronic components in a machine. A resume for a bench technician position must display technical skills, learning abilities, adaptability, and training.

Bench Technician Resume Example

James Lewis
Address: 215 Park Street,
East Main Road,
Phone number: (401) 729 - 8140
E Mail ID:

Career Objective:

A bench technician position with an electronics company where my technical skills can be used for assembling prototype models, and repairing and maintaining electronic components.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Bench Technician
Bausch and Lomb Electronics Inc., Indianapolis, IN
November 2012 - Present

Associate Bench Technician
Safe Sky, Indianapolis, IN
April 2010 - October 2012



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