EKG Technician Resume

EKG (electrocardiogram) technicians work in hospitals and clinics to detect patients' heart condition. They use EKG machines to analyze how the heart is transmitting electric impulses. To do the test, they attach electrodes, which is connected to the machine, on patients chest, legs, or arms. The machine is then turn on and the analysis is then printed on a paper that resembles a graph with a thin line going up and down. They are also trained to perform stress test.

To work as a EKG or ECG technician, a high school diploma followed by an associate degree in EKG Tech Program conducted by the National Healthcare Association are compulsory.

EKG Technician Resume Example

Daniel L. Taylor
1737 Brookside Drive
York, AL 36925
Phone: 205-392-7193
Email: dltaylor@anymail.com

Career Objective:

To work as an EKG technician at “St. Joseph's Hospital,” and perform comprehensive testing for detecting working condition of hearts on patients.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

EKG Technician
Grady Cardio Care, York, AL
October 2014 - Present

EKG Technicians
Saint Agnes Cardio Center, York, AL
February 2013 - September 2014



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