Evidence Technician Resume

Evidence technicians, who are also known as crime scene or forensic science technicians does the main work of identifying, gathering and analyzing evidences left at the scene of a crime. They also have to carefully carry the evidences to lab. In lab they have the responsibility of storing the evidences and making entries in to the database using computers. The career of an evidence technician is very interesting.

When you want to apply for the post of Evidence Technician along with good qualifications and experience you need a professional resume which will highlight your credentials in front of the recruiter, eventually increasing your chances of getting the job.

Evidence Technician Resume Example

Andrew Lewis
215 Park Street
East Main Road, Indianapolis
Phone number: (401) 729 - 8140
E Mail ID: james.lewis@example.com

Career Objective:

Candidate with excellent evidence collecting skills and a degree in Forensic Science seeking a challenging role in a detective agency.

Key Skills:

Professional Experience:

  1. Post: Evidence Technician
    Organization: Proactive Detecting Agency, Indianapolis
    Duration: September 2013 - till date
    Roles and Responsibilities:
    • Visiting the place where crime has happened
    • Identifying, gathering and analyzing the evidences
    • Safely transporting the evidences to the laboratory
    • Storing the evidences appropriately
    • Entering the information related to various evidences into the computer
    • Operating the Automated Case Support System on computer

  2. Post: Evidence Technician Trainee
    Organization: Spy Eye, Indianapolis
    Duration: June 2011 - August 2013
    Roles and Responsibilities:
    • Visiting the scene of crime along with the senior
    • Helping the seniors in collecting and packing the evidences
    • Doing the necessary paperwork related to evidences which include number, name, character of the evidences collected
    • Providing every possible information asked by the Police Officer

Educational Qualification:


On request.

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