Fiber Optic Technician Resume

Fiber optic technicians usually work for telecommunications companies providing television and internet services. They are involved in installation of cable lines; both on the telephone poles and underground along with maintenance work of existing cable. Their work also includes repairing and testing of malfunctioning cables that become old.

Applying for a job

The resume is the most important document that fiber optic technicians need to submit while applying for a job. This document needs to include all their skills related to the job along with their educational qualifications. All the relevant work experience and contact details need to be arranged in perfect manner as displayed in the sample fiber optic technician resume provided below.

Fiber Optic Technician Resume Example

James Turner
Address: 215 North Avenue,
St. Sebastian Street, Atlanta
Phone number: (401) 729-8140
E Mail ID:

Career Objective:

Intending to work as a fiber optic technician on basis of a degree in Electronics and telecommunications and a thorough grasp of optical science and testing procedures.

Key Skills:

Professional Experience:

Post: Fiber Optic Technician
Organization: Easy Networking Solutions, Atlanta
Duration: May 2011 till date
Roles and Responsibilities:

Post: Associate Fiber Optic Technician
Organization: Creative Network Builders, Atlanta
Duration: June 2008 till April 2011
Roles and Responsibilities:

Educational Qualification:


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