Hazardous Materials Technician Resume

A hazardous materials technician professional can work in different organizations. He can work at NGO who is working for environment or he may work in a production unit. In a production unit, his main duty is to collect and sort the received hazardous material as well as he has to get involved in the disposal of the hazardous materials produced during the production. A hazardous materials technician working for an NGO has to give guidance to the different organizations about the importance of right disposal of the hazardous materials. He also some times has to respond to emergency where there is an accidental exposure to hazardous material.

Here we present to you a sample hazardous materials technician resume. Refer this and make your very own professional resume for the post with the help of this free sample resume.

Hazardous Materials Technician Resume Example

James Turner
215 Park Street
East Main Road, Atlanta
Phone number: (401) 729 - 8140
E Mail ID: james.turner@example.com

Career Objective:

An experienced individual with comprehensive knowledge in precautionary measures regarding hazardous material handling and capability of managing a team seeks to work in a production company.

Key Skills:

Professional Experience:

  1. Post: Hazardous Materials Technician
    Organization: George Stephen Inc., Atlanta
    Duration: July 2013 - till date

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Receiving hazardous materials which are required for production
    • Sorting of the materials received and forwarding them to the appropriate departments
    • Actively participated in the collection and sorting of hazardous materials produced in the production line
    • Making sure that the waste are disposed off in a perfect manner
    • Using high efficiency PMVS (Particulate Matter Vacuum System) for cleaning the particles off the hazardous materials e.g. Asbestos
    • Continuously monitoring the site for issues related to environmental protection and compliance.

  2. Post: Associate Hazardous Materials Technician
    Organization: Breathe Healthy NGO, Atlanta
    Duration: April 2011 - June 2013

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Collecting the samples from different production units which have been disposed off
    • Inspecting, repairing and maintaining special hazardous material equipments
    • Giving presentations to different organizations about the importance of disposing hazardous material in a perfect way
    • Responding to the calls of emergency where there is an accidental exposure to hazardous materials
    • Evacuating the area which is under danger
    • Using different procedures to minimize the effect of accidental exposure

Educational Qualification:


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