Suntrust Teller Resume

A teller working with SunTrust bank handle roles and responsibilities any teller of other banks handles. Those duties include handling customer transaction, reconciling cash drawer at the end of the day, maintaining records of the processed checks, handling customer queries and selling banking products and services. The role also demands handling routine administrative and clerical tasks related to the teller function.

Suntrust Teller Resume Example

Christina N. Hentges
4270 Thrash Trail
Deadwood, TX 75633
Phone: 903-622-0627

Career Objective:

To obtain a teller position at "SunTrust Bank," and contribute in generating leads and enhancing services for private and corporate clients.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

ABC Bank, Deadwood, TX
December 2014 - Present

Junior Teller
XYZ Bank, Deadwood, TX
June 2013 - November 2014



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