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Unlike other professions, the resume for a graphic designer needs to ooze creativity. This profile document is equally important along with your portfolio while hunting for jobs. The reason behind this theory is that, recruiters will view it before they scan through your portfolio. It will act as a first impression to propel your chances for grabbing the job.

People who interview candidates need to scan through numerous profiles each day, making it mandatory that your profile catches their attention by being immaculate and creative, failing which, your portfolio might not be looked at, even if it is very good.

As a graphic designer, the resume offers you a chance for showcasing your talents and achievements in a creative and tasteful manner. However, you need to also remember that going overboard while drafting the profile document can be harmful. Including important and relevant information in a concise manner is needed along with the creativity. The format mentioned below followed by samples will help you in understanding this better.

Graphic Designer Resume Format

Graphic Designer Resumes Contact Information :

  1. Full name
  2. Permanent addresses
  3. Telephone/Mobile numbers
  4. Email address

Objective: Short and brisk statement that includes current position along with relevant skills.

Education : In reverse chronological order, required information includes:

  1. Degree(s) and major
  2. Date of graduation (month and year)
  3. Universities you attended
  4. Location of universities (city and state)
  5. Any certifications or licenses related to your degree

Special Skills : This includes computer and language skills and may also include job specific skills of any sort:

  1. Experience: Begin by listing the most recent experience first.
  2. Employer name and location (city and state).
  3. Dates of employment.
  4. Active description of your achievements and responsibilities.

Activities : You may want to list your extra-curricular activities that involve organizations, clubs, student governments, athletics and professional affiliations. You may use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments.

Listed below are a few important tips that can help you build an effective Graphic Designer's resume.

Prioritize Job Duties By Importance : Make a list of every relevant duty that you have performed on the job. Then prioritize your list, starting with the most important duty.

Market Your Top Skills : To advance your career, focus on your best skills. Few of them are listed below that can be used as headings in your resume. For example: Art Direction, Computer document files support service, direct art freelancer etc.

Apply For Positions That Match Your Highest Skills : Using strong language skills and describing full range of your potentials makes the employers aware of your value as an employee.

Take On Higher Level Job Duties : Keep an eye for duties in your organization that can help you expand your resume and add value to the company. Even though you may only perform such duties for a small amount of time, they can be used as powerful headings in your resume or to convince the employer that you deserve a promotion.

Samples of Graphic Designer Resumes

Advertising Graphic Designer Resume

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