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Well, you have created the best possible resume based on your educational qualification and job experience. If you have not yet done so, please check all the sample resumes on our site to do so. Now, when you have your resume made, the next question will be how do you want to post your resume online? What do you need to do so that your resume reaches the maximum possible employers?

There are two solutions for the problem, either you can post your resume yourself or you can use one of the resume services for posting your resume. Resumes are services are preferred by lot of people these days since it save energy and time, plus they get a broad exposure for their resumes.

Self-Posting Resumes

There are more than 100 sites online where you can go and post your resumes. Some of the sites will allow you to upload your existing resume with a simple click on the button. The other sites will ask you to cut-paste the resume or use their resume building wizard. Since this entire procedure is time consuming, you must always start applying for jobs only with the top sites. Keep a track of where you are posting your resume and make a list of all the login names and password that you use. This will save a lot of your time, if you have to change or edit your resume on that job portal.

Blasting or Posting

There is a huge difference between blasting your resume all over the internet and posting your resume. Whenever you upload your resume, it will only be updated on certain job portals like Seek, Dice, Monster and CareerBuilder.

For instance, ResumeRabbit, will post your resume on 75 top career sites. You will be provided with login information for each site, so that you can keep on updating your resume and apply on every job posting occurring on that site. ResumeRabit simply cuts through the chase and starts uploading your resume on all the important job portals.

Whenever you start blasting your resume it will always be sent through e-mail to innumerable recruiters and employers, in contrast to the selective resume posting service. However, some of the services like ResumeZapper and ResumeMailman will give you the liberty to target your resume to recruiters who have asked for receiving resumes only in specific industries. This will make it more specified for you and you can channel your resumes in the proper manner.

Here are a few things that you must consider before you blast or post your resumes:

If you are planning to choose one of these services, then remember that this is just one tool and has to be integrated with the entire job search strategy. You must know that in today's competitive world, it is important to know that finding a job, is itself a full-time job. for giving yourself that extra competitive advantage, it is very important that you work in a smart way and try to cover as much ground as you can. For succeeding, people today have to take a multi-pronged approach. This must include going through classifieds, searching for job listing on every career site daily and networking. Therefore, make sure that you post your resume to your targeted recruiters and post them on career sites as well, which is daily viewed by thousands of hiring managers.

Therefore, it will be best if you manage to post your resumes through every possible option. You ultimate goal should be getting the job. Good luck!

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