Chronological Resume

Defining Chronological Resume

Resume writing is confusing and frustrating for many. There are several tips online on ways to write a resume. However, not every tip suits everybody. Every candidate has a unique job profile and hence, he needs to decide which format suits his profile and how he wishes to project himself. Hence, we have presented here a brief description of the chronological resume and the ways to draft them. We hope this description will help you to understand the pros and cons of this format and determine if it suits your profile.

What is Chronological Resume ?

A chronological resume is the one that provides information about the candidate's profile in a chronological order. The information pertains to work experience and academic laurels of the candidate. Under chronological format, the candidate is expected to enlist his career information in the same order in which he achieved the experience or qualifications. Hence, the first job experience will be listed first, followed by next work experience and lastly, the current experience. It follows the upward trend where the information moves in order of its occurrence. This format is useful to highlight the upward career growth of the candidate.

How to distinguish between chronological resume and other resume types?

Chronological resume order is distinct from reverse chronological resume and functional resume. In reverse chronological resume, the information is written in reverse order, which means, current information comes first, and old information comes last. It follows the descending order. On the other hand, functional resumes are devoid of dates. It combines total work experience together and categorizes the information on basis of nature of work instead of tenure of work. There is no compulsion to mention dates in functional resume format.

It is vital to understand the distinction between chronological resume and other forms of resume such as reverse chronological resume or functional resume. Hence, here are a few pointers that will help you draft a chronological resume appropriately, following the example of the given below chronological resume template.

Chronological Resume Template

Angela Johnson
Address: 27, Benjamin Street, New York, NY 57741
Telephone Number: 515 – 2334 - 1416
Email Id:

Career Objective

To acquire the position of a marketing manager in your esteemed organization and get an opportunity to utilize my expertise in marketing principles for formulating the marketing strategies and helping the organization achieve its sales targets.

Key Skills

Work Experience

Marketing Assistant
XYZ Stores, New York
October 2000 - March 2003

Marketing Supervisor
JKL Fashion House, New York
April 2003 - June 2007

Marketing Manager
ABC Fashion and Accessories Stores, New York
July 2007 - till date

Educational Qualifications

Will be provided on request

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