Electronic Resume

How to make good electronic resume?

The Electronic Resume, sometime known as digital resume or e-resume is the online counterpart of printed resume and curriculum vitae. Electronic Resume is created when the applicant upload or sent his resume over the Internet or when the applicant filled up a resume form into the so-called resume banks.

It is slightly different in traditional resume because resume intended for this purpose are often formatted in plain and basic style. Standard typeface or font is usually used and the entire document is free from any graphics, artwork and special character to ensure that it is universally searchable.

Electronic Resume is basically stored in hard disk or over the Internet and primarily used for automated job searching. This is the one that is submitted to resume banks and other online job processing systems. When the Electronic Resume is sent and transmitted over Internet, the automated processing system then converted it into searchable database files to and become available for employers or recruiters who use online tool facilities to search for potential employees.

Keywords play an important role in Electronic Resume as this is the basis of employers in searching the resume. The processing system or software that manage and store Electronic Resume is likewise built and set to search and match through the use of keywords. Keywords are phrases made of nouns and verbs that indicate important information about the applicant. These describe the technical expertise, management or business skills, education and industry knowledge of the applicant.

These keywords vary from available job openings. They are established and requested by the employers or hiring officers based on the current position being offered. When these keywords are entered, the search engine of the system will search the entire resume database that bear any or all the keywords and will bring all resume that has the specified keywords. The matched resume will then submitted for employers for more screening.

Applicants who would like to use Electronic Resume need to understand that an efficient resume revolves around effective keywords. And that keywords are built from a well-defined and established job target. Absence of effective keywords and/or specific job target will seriously impede the success of online job search. The key to successful Electronic Resume is the proper integration of all the applicant's keywords into the statements of his resume text. Appropriate keywords must be listed in the proper section of the resume to increase its effectiveness. When the qualifications or attainments have Acronyms or Abbreviations, the applicant need to both include them in the Electronic Resume together with their spelled-out versions. This will help applicant's resume to be located and pulled out by the search engine more often.

Keywords included in Electronic Resume are not only descriptions of expertise or education attainments of applicants. Personal characteristics or inner attributes of applicants are likewise considered as keywords. These personal traits add more power to the Electronic Resume giving wider opportunity for the resume to generate more matched results. However, applicants should carefully link their personal traits to their applicable expertise. Never try to exaggerate keywords or use them in your resume unless you are really capable of demonstrating those qualities because it may affect your to reliability over time.

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