Resume & Curriculum Vitae

How Does Resume Differ From Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae and Resumes are both used in job applications. They have the same intent which is to state the facts about the applicant's education, work experience, skills and accomplishments. The main difference between the two is the way these facts were presented.

The resume is the brief summary of the individual's work history, educational attainment and relevant skills and accomplishment to the job being applied. An individual can create several resume for different positions or different companies.

The Curriculum Vitae on the other hand bear all the information of an individual. Every detail of education, employment, achievements and skills are listed with the addition of the organizations or affiliations, licenses and commendations. All previous work experiences must be properly listed with elaborated job descriptions. It allows the individuals to elaborate the oldest achievement or the earliest award they received in the past. All trainings and seminars attended are likewise listed in the Curriculum Vitae. Thus, Curriculum Vitae are actually longer than Resume

Resume by standard should be concise and relevant to the position being applied. It should be tailored to fit the requirement of the prospective company or employer. No unnecessary achievements or skills must be mention because it would rather gain an impression of audacity. Personal details in Resume are likewise limited to residence address, contact details, date of birth, civil status and nationality.

The Curriculum Vitae on the contrary depict substantial details on the personal life of an individual. It contains even the voluntary work and social affiliations of the applicant. It is this reason that Curriculum Vitae are usually used when applying in academic, medical, scientific and overseas jobs because employers in these industries prefer to know each applicant thoroughly.

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