Resume References

Putting references in a resume

It can be said for a fact that in today's world considering the post globalized scenario and the consumerist approach to every other aspect of life has almost made it necessary to associate a 'guarantor of quality or productivity' like factor to every thing be it a person or a product. Although it cannot be said altogether that it is a modern day phenomenon, but there is no point denying the fact that the practice has become more highlighted in the recent past.

Some of the instances that can be witnessed in every day life include the packaging of a movie DVD with not only just the director's name but also the name of another film personality whose footage can be seen in the DVD commentary or the bonus features or the fact that the packet of any item like say toothpaste carrying a seal of a particular medical body, etc.

However, the practice of putting resume references while submitting them for consideration in various organizations can perhaps be considered as the most common or rather the most significant example of this trend. On the other hand, it must be kept in mind that resume references should not be confused with a recommendation letter.

A resume reference is most typically a person or a list of person who can serve the purpose of verifying the different facts and figures or the academic or professional credentials and can actually vouch for the information being conveyed in the resume entirely or partially. Usually it has been seen that it is always the former teachers or superiors in previous organizations and even certain satisfied clients in some cases who act as resume references.

However, it should always be kept at mind that in the present day scenario it is not considered to be a standard procedure to put down a resume reference at the end of the document. Thus what candidates generally do is they simply fill up the reference field with phrases like 'available on request', etc. and keep the resume confined to the details pertaining to his or her academic qualifications.

Work experiences and other relevant skills. The list of references is made on another sheet of paper which is typically a list of professional and personal references separately, three each and produced only after the first round of interviews are over. Basically the entire idea behind giving a list of references is nothing but ensuring that the prospective employer should get some positive feedback about the individual even before he or she has joined the organization and started with his or her job.

Keeping in mind the fact that a resume should be something like a well prepared document which will highlight one's strengths and hide the drawbacks, the whole procedure of creating a resume should be done with utmost precision and care. Thus it is almost essential that an individual takes in to account a few things while putting down the references in his or her resume, be it in the personal section or the professional one. To begin with, considering a case of giving a professional reference one should not simply give his name and leave at that but must make sure to add in the person's job details, designation, contact numbers, addresses and if possible even e mail ids.

This can prove to be helpful in more than one ways such as an impressive designation of the reference can act like a boost to the candidate's impression in the new organization. Moreover, if the reference also belongs to the same industry or field of profession, his or her feedback to the present employer will obviously be considered to be valuable to form an opinion about the candidate's skills and, qualities and characteristic traits which are relevant to his or her professional life such as accountability, discipline and regularity among several others. In case of putting personal resume references more or less similar directive principles should be followed although along with giving the details it is also advisable to put down in short how the candidate is acquainted to the reference.

For instance, if one decides to give the name of a colleague from his or her former organization in this particular field, it must be pointed out as the authorities will ten know the kind of feedback that is to be expected from that person. However, irrespective of the fact that one is giving resume references for the personal or the professional column, one must make it a point to get in touch with the persons beforehand and seek their consents about putting their names as resume references and must also verify about their comments which they will give on being contacted so that there are not any chance of having loopholes in the entire procedure.

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