Resume Templates

Writing resume is an art. You can see the resume template here to verify that your resume looks good.

Given below is a very simplistic resume template. It just describes the regular flow of a resume. It tells you what thing should be mentioned at what place in your resume. If you are looking for specific types of resume templates, you can look at our resume template section.

Jerry M. McCoy
(408) 555-1212
1234 My Street
My City, My State 12345


To find a job in such and such company..., etc.


2000-Present Company Name
My Company's description.


  • Job Responsibility description
  • Job Accomplishment description no. 1
  • Job Accomplishment no. 2

Position/Title 2

  • Responsibility description #2
  • Accomplishment for position #2
My City, My State
1995-2000 My Old Company Name
My Old Company description...


  • My job responsibility description
  • My job accomplishment description no. 1
  • My job accomplishment no. 2
  • My skill description...
  • Technologies I know...
  • Projects I have done...
  • My degree description...
  • Description of my interests....
  • My accomplishment in life...

References made available upon request.

For more information on how to create a resume we suggest that you read a book called how to write a resume from R. Adams. This is a very informative book on how to write a very good resume which can get you those interview calls.

If you are looking for some specific resume templates, you can check our section on resume templates which provides free templates of resumes for hundreds of job profiles.

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